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admin | July 10th, 2012 - 12:05

You can never have enough information on board. We’re well served on the East Coast of Australia by a comprehensive set of cruising guides, handbooks or pilots (depending on what you call them).

Recently we’ve started a Skipr online shop where you can purchase some of the best guides for the East Coast. Over time, we hope to expand our range. Much will depend on your support for this initiative. Get timely information about the latest books and buy them at a discount if you’re a Skipr Plus member.

At present we’re featuring the latest edition of the Beacon to Beacon guide and the Coastal Cruising Companion by Marilyn Graham. And very soon we’ll have the new Rob’s Passage Planner in stock.

Find out more about Rob’s Passage Planner [update Aug 2012 - it is shipping now!].

3 Responses to “Latest Cruising Guides available on Skipr”

  1. Warwick Savage says:

    Like your idea of selling cruising guides. Would you be interested in stocking Alan Lucas’ range? If so, I will contact him and arrange for him to get in touch.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comment! And yes, we’re selling the Lucas titles already too:

  3. [...] Latest Cruising Guides You can now buy the latest cruising guides online from the Skipr website. What’s more, Skipr Plus members can buy at a discount! Recent additions include Marilyn Graham’s Coastal Cruising Companion and a recent update to Beacon to Beacon. And we’re about to start shipping a much updated and enhanced Rob’s Passage Planner! Read more about the new Planner [...]

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