Photo Competition – the Winner(s)

admin | June 2nd, 2012 - 15:27

Boy, what did I let myself in for with this competition? There are some stunning boat pictures on the Skipr system.

We all love our boats and the way they look. How can I pick one winner without antagonising the 120 others who posted their position on during May? So I did what every smart skipper does, I left it to the Admiral. Joy picked the best photo, and I relented by having a couple of runners up. But still, there are so many others… next time.

Shikama - inaugural Skipr Boat Photo Award winning boat


Our winner is Shikama. Congratulations to Colin and Sjani van der Stelt.

They won a copy of Marilyn Graham’s Coastal Cruising Companion and a 12 month membership of our Skipr Plus program..

By the way, you know that you can click on the pictures (here and on the boat pages) and get a larger version, don’t you?

Here are just two honourable mentions from the short list, Opal Lady and Orca, which were also rewarded with a Skipr Plus membership.

Opal Lady



While we’ve got you thinking about pictures, here are some hints about uploading pictures to Skipr:

  • There is no need to upload pictures with a resolution higher than 1024 pixels in width.
  • We’re not prudes, but please remember this is a family oriented site.
  • The thumbnail pictures on a boat page look best in a 4:3 format (width : height).

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