Skipr log-in and new boatpages

admin | November 8th, 2010 - 14:54

We’re rolling out some new features today.
Rather than needing a username (and to remember it), we’re now doing log-ins with your email address. One thing less to remember.

Default Boat Page

And we’ve re-designed the boat pages, to provide a more compact layout, and importantly to allow for a picture and description of your boat.

The last 10 position reports now appear to the left of the map and the date display control is now above the map.

Enter description and Picture URL into Control Panel

To include a picture and description of your boat, simply open the control panel and enter the description of your boat and a URL which points to a picture of the boat. Click Update and go back to your Public Boat Page.

Boat Page showing boat picture and description

Boat page with the additional information

Bingo! Picture and description now preceed the map and position reports. If you have any questions or don’t know how to get a picture URL, drop us a line (

3 Responses to “Skipr log-in and new boatpages”

  1. Al Bodger says:

    Good Morning Marius.
    I do need to know how to get a picture URL? Please excuse my computer ignorance.
    regards Al (Serenity)

  2. admin says:


    We don’t yet offer picture storage, so you’ll need to have a picture up on the web somewhere. But… if you don’t have that, just email me the picture and I’ll look after it for you (

  3. woodstock says:

    we left ncle 2.30am wed. after fitting new batteries. returned newcastle 5.30, due to faulty thermostat! sorted that releft at 12.30. for pittwater.engine alarm once again in broken bay, with cooked batteries!!! sailed up pittwater arriving at 10.30 at rmyc. battery rep. came out multimeter on all connections. we had 12.5 volts at alternator and 16 at battery end!!!! work that one out!!! connected new earthlead removed voltage, and every thing back to normal?? auto/marine electrician said there wasn,t any water in the new batteries!!! now awaiting new batteries and expect an arguement re replacing under warrenty. but said “leco” will talk to battery man. we hope to depart friday for woollongong here,s hoping

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