About the Planner | Feedback | The fully revised and extended (5th reprinting, January 2014) edition of Rob’s Passage Planner is now shipping and available from Boat Books. ¬†Existing owners can download the latest errata/additions.

It includes all the information from the previous versions, updated marina diagrams of all major East Coast marinas, emergency information, VHF repeater maps, lights and lots more. It covers the East coast of Australia all the way down to Hobart.

The Planner’s information is laid out in a concise way, giving the cruising sailor convenient access to information which serves every day needs (“which berth will I be in?”, which VHF channel should I use?), as well as concise information about emergencies (for example, how to communicate the condition of a sick person to medical staff ashore). All your cruise planning information in one place, in¬†Rob’s Passage Planner. Have a look at the Table of Contents.

Here are just a few examples of its beautifully detailed chartlets and diagrams:

Plans of all major marinas, including berth numbers, colours, contact details and facilities.

Chartlets with a wealth of information, including separate chartlets for distance, VHF radio reception and lights.
In short, its 124 pages are packed with essential information for the cruising sailor exploring the East Coast of Australia. If you would like to download an abridged version of the Planner to sample its utility, it is available here (updated to December 2012).