Here are the key Australian magazines of interest to Cruising sailors (3 out of 4 are free!). Leave a comment if you’d like to add a magazine to this list




This is a free Sydney based magazine, distributed via clubs, chandlers etc. It’s a good read and popular with boaties. Regular contributors such as Alan Lucas make it more than just a throw-away magazine.
Appears monthly in print 104 pages. Free distribution and online.



The Coastal Passage

Another free publication , originating out of Queensland. It’s content is a somewhat patchy and opinionated, but it has some occasional gems. PDF version available online.
Appears monthly(?) in print 32 pages, free at chandleries, clubs etc.



Cruising Helmsman

Is the specialist magazine for cruising sailors. An online version is available, and some of the articles are available at the Yaffa Group’s MySailing site.
Appears monthly 76 pages. $7.95 per issue $95 per year