Time zone: 12

2019 06 01 - 1101 hrs
33° 48.613' S 151° 14.924' E
Zeehaen is now up for sale. For those who would love to enjoy a boat that really sails(!), see boatsonline.com.au for details & photos. In the meantime we are cruising around the lovely Middle Harbour & Sydney Harbour anchorages.

2019 04 08 - 1848 hrs
33° 50.696' S 151° 14.874' E
Visited lots of familiar anchorages around Pittwater and Cowan Creek whilst Laurence and friends visited. Then set off for a leisurely 24nm sail back to Sydney Harbour arriving in Taylors Bay to sit out the impending southerly.

2019 03 13 - 1504 hrs
33° 36.176' S 151° 17.831' E
Cruised some beautiful anchorages in Middle Harbour and went on a few walks. Then returned to Blackwattle Bay to babysit Ethan. Today we set off for a 22nm sail up to Coasters Retreat in Pittwater with main and yankee only.

2019 02 13 - 0931 hrs
33° 49.364' S 151° 15.283' E
Hair-tick. Washing-tick. Socialise-tick. 8nm sail from Luke's Bay anchorage to Balmoral yesterday. Boisterous 40knot gusts when entering this bay. Southerly buster around midnight accompanied by lots of dust. Moved this morning to be closer to beach.

2019 02 10 - 1000 hrs
33° 51.39' S 151° 15.97' E
Handy spot for getting about. Nice walk along the foreshore. R had bus and train trip to VIC. Great walk with Laurence in Gippsland. Short 5nm sail out to Milk Beach. Nice and sunny.

2019 01 31 - 1218 hrs
33° 52.28' S 151° 10.936' E
Strolled around bushland here & nearby city. Also visited the Coal Loader Sustainability Centre with tunnels, gardening & energy ideas. Met CCCA members at Aus Day gathering. Short hop across to Rozelle Bay so R can alight for Melbourne trip.

2019 01 24 - 1120 hrs
33° 50.347' S 151° 11.426' E
After lots of land lubbing & socialising we are back on Z. Moved over to Cabarita for the first night & sat out a southerly blow. This morning we filled up with water at Gladesville Marina & we are now at Balls Head. Lovely park & bush nearby.

2018 12 22 - 1854 hrs
33° 50.715' S 151° 7.424' E
Anchor picked up an old anchor & rope at 4am during another storm so reanchored then slept soundly. Set off this afternoon for a boisterous 10nm sail to Abbottsford. Lots of boats out to make it even more exciting. Parking Z here for a while. Happy Xmas!

2018 12 21 - 2101 hrs
33° 49.471' S 151° 15.647' E
After catching up on sleep we decided to bash south into the southerly today before it strengthened over the next few days. 5 tacks got us into Sydney Heads after nearly 7hrs sailing. Now anchored at Balmoral. Boats & ferries galore in the Harbour.

2018 12 20 - 1829 hrs
33° 36.18' S 151° 17.721' E
Tis the season...with Gordo, C&K,& Zana. Slow start yesterday with wind from every direction, a rolly night with no wind,then lovely MPS sail today before a southerly storm caught us outside Barenjoey Heads. Hail stones, wind & rain but luckily no damage.