Time zone: 10

2019 09 18 - 0902 hrs
15° 22.613' S 168° 7.984' E
After 6 fantastic days at Pentecost Island we’ve moved further north to Asanvari at Maemo Island. A relaxing day today then exploring tomorrow. All locals going past very friendly.

2019 09 10 - 1427 hrs
15° 32.706' S 168° 8.932' E
Anchored in 3 meters depth at Loltong Bay Pentecost Island. A frustrating day with the wind in every direction. We'll stay here for a few days and explore the area and meet the locals, who don’t get a good mention in some sailing blogs.

2019 09 08 - 1027 hrs
15° 32.146' S 167° 10.91' E
Returned to the mooring buoy by the dive and fishing charter shop. We will refuel, stock up on more fishing gear and reprovision. Extend the cruising permit to the Banks islands and set off again early Tuesday morning

2019 09 07 - 1527 hrs
15° 29.497' S 167° 14.944' E
Used the SEasterly to sail back down to Palikulo Bay for the night before heading back to Luganville. We will reprovision there and get the cruising permit for sailing up to the Banks Islands Group for the next few weeks.

2019 09 05 - 0800 hrs
15° 16.931' S 167° 58.739' E
Moved into Lolowai Bay. We will stay here a couple of days and do some exploring. Lots of goods being brought onto the island as they start to rebuild after the volcano 2 years ago which evacuated 10,000 people off the whole island.

2019 09 04 - 1330 hrs
15° 16.606' S 167° 58.43' E
Moderately rough trip across to Vanihe Bay. Anchored off a black volcanic beach with towering cliffs and 1000's of fruit bats. Tendered around into next Bay to check it out for tomorrow. Have to go in a high tide to get over the coral

2019 08 31 - 0821 hrs
15° 2.155' S 167° 5.011' E
Motored up to Thion Island. The sea was a little choppy but we were protected from the swell when we got a round to the anchorage. Had a walk to find the fresh water lakes then a swim on the wreck in the warm water.

2019 08 28 - 1237 hrs
15° 8.761' S 167° 6.889' E
Anchored in Lonnoc Bay Hog Harbour. Quite a few yachts here. Dived the anchor to make sure we're dug in and clear of bommies. The water temp is beautiful and warm.

2019 08 21 - 1230 hrs
15° 32.224' S 167° 10.826' E
A quick sail up to Aore Island and picked up a mooring bouy at the resort. Dingy across to Louagville tomorrow to check out the town then go do a few touristy trips.

2019 08 18 - 1200 hrs
16° 6.732' S 167° 27.505' E
Great sail across to Suaro Island for the next couple of day to watch a culture festival. It’s held once every 10 years and there’s 1300 performers over the next 5 days