Time zone: 10

2019 09 21 - 0957 hrs
8° 24.874' S 116° 2.364' E
Anchored in 24m Teluk Nare/Kombal overnight, Gili Aer crowded, wind up and around the clock. Didn't want to risk Medana Marina as moorings had broke this week, one boat ending up on the beach. Rally inexplicitly still going ahead there. 24/7 speed boats.

2019 09 20 - 1237 hrs
8° 17.726' S 116° 41.465' E
19/9/19. Snug in a tiny lagoon waving to local fishers as they speed by in fast planing brightly painted canoes. Missed the tide to visit beach but looks like picnic huts and loos ashore. Enjoying solitude and MEAT out of freezer. Heading for tourist area

2019 09 20 - 1228 hrs
8° 27.96' S 117° 22.142' E
18/9/19. Breaking up overnighter to Lombok. Really really wanted the Tshirt from Badas but it is only a tiny very busy port with poor access ashore dodging the rubbish tipped down the cliffs. Have finally run out of wind but able to run washing machine.

2019 09 20 - 1213 hrs
8° 41.757' S 118° 0.465' E
17/9/19. First disorganised stop. No safe all tide dinghy access, boat pick up only lasted 1 day. 12 hour trip in windowless bus(NB ask for FUNCTIONING aircon). Fantastic bullock races at Besar 2hrs away. Cancelled cramped/no loo 6hr, 3am whaleshark tour.

2019 09 20 - 1206 hrs
8° 9.477' S 117° 43.419' E
13/9/19. Stopped again for the night, attractive looking village but did not go ashore, Sharmila Jay for sundowners. 2 rally cats also fitted in behind reef. Good sailing so far with SE winds 12-15 kts on flat seas. Not fishing as every meal ashore isfish

2019 09 20 - 1149 hrs
8° 17.567' S 118° 47.727' E
12/9/19 Fantastic privately booked day tour of Komodo Is and surrounding attractions. Rewarded with up close encounter of dragon in the bush. Decided to break usual stessful overnighter dodging fishing boats, nets and FADs. Calm in 20kts SE, 15m sand.

2019 09 20 - 1133 hrs
8° 27.522' S 119° 52.043' E
11/9/19. Decided on quiet northern beaches, rewarded with friendly free use of Silvia Resort all tide dinghy dock. Good restaurants and alcohol readily available as not predominantly muslim here. First meat dishes since arriving, ? served dog on S Biru.

2019 09 20 - 1119 hrs
6° 28.147' S 120° 25.27' E
6/9/19. Anchored off Bahuluang for a rest from hectic rally schedule, over reef into sandy beach, all tide access. Beautiful, isolated but ankle deep plastic detritus above high tide line and buried in the white sand. Swam without audience, BBQed ashore.

2019 09 20 - 1106 hrs
6° 9.034' S 120° 27.099' E
4/9/19 Off the beaten track but attractive, and the usual extraordinarily friendly people. Less plastic pollution but the east and west winds dump the debris from elsewhere on the beaches as the island runs north to south. Great private and rally tours.

2019 08 30 - 1103 hrs
5° 27.721' S 122° 32.342' E
Fantastic! Will call Bau Bau again. New best dinghy dock/hands. Aircon bus, mobile bathroom+ambulance. Great roads beaches restaurants tours. Private Raha/Muna Is tour of prehist cave art, lagoons, museum. Will miss the guides, nothing too much trouble.