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Grey Nurse :
2019 10 27 - 0053 hrs - Rally's 3rd choice anchorage for Bangka smooth and good beach access. Pity the rally moved on already. We mistook a festive beach party scene for the rally staff after party and ended up vip guests at a young Indo rock festival, dynamic and liberal islam.
Simply Irresistible :
2019 10 27 - 1407 hrs - Oops! Sorry. Keep forgetting to do this. Now in Gold Coast. Moving further south Tue or Wed. Endured some very strong winds recently, fortunately from the north, Bar crossing at Wide Bay was uneventful, then a night in Mooloolabah and Peel Is in Morton Ba
Te Ara Roa :
2019 10 23 - 0616 hrs - Sitting on the hard at Bundaberg. Looks like cracks and delamination around the front keel bolt. Have started an insurance claim. Staying on the boat until we know that the work can commence. ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️