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Storms and Yeomans

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After the Storm Margot Rathbone reports:

As you will know, a storm hit our area (Church Point and Bayview) last friday. There was a lot of damage to property and trees across the bay from us but luckily we sustained only minimal damage.
This boat at Holmeport marina - just around the corner - was not so lucky! I took this snap on the way to Yeoman's Bay for the get-together with the cruisers. The numbers were well down because of the weather forecast but those of us who braved the heat and wind had a marvelous get-together on Saturday night. One boat owner was heard to comment that he thought it was only house-boats that had that much fun!

P1020443 Almost three weeks since my last note - once you get into a routine not much exciting happens. It's just everyday life and there's not much to write about it! However, since then we've both been back to Sydney for the weekend to be at Andrew's 40th birthday party which was absolutely marvelous. It was also a real treat to catch up with family and friends before returning to Bundaberg.