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AlfiieOnWay We received word from Kevin that "The Ambulance" aka Alfie II is on its way to its new home, Nimowa Island. It left last night on the freighter Pacific Harmony for Port Moresby via Brisbane.

Tracking aficionados will want to track it on its way with - the picture on the left shows it off Port Macquarie this morning.. No doubt the full story of the delivery to Nimowa Island will unfold and there are bound to be a few stories to tell by the time Kevin, Ross and Keith return.

Well done Kevin (article) and everyone who helped that dream come true. May the PNG customs and Coral Sea Gods be with you.

31/8/09 Report via Frances/Sat Phone below

Oh What a Night!

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IMG_7921 August First Friday had a sixties theme and the usual suspects entered into the spirit of the night.  There was some great music from our "regular band" with guest solist and a terrific quiz which stumped even those with Google phones.

A huge amount of credit goes to Janet and Ann for organising the night and together with the club putting on a great show! Well done!

Jim's pictures as always tell the story. They are in the slideshow below as well as the photo album in the centre column of this page. By the way, blame the undersigned for the captions.