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We hadn't quite counted on the squall on Saturday afternoon which brought hail and lighting (that was excellent arrival  timing, Roger!).

Dangar Island is a terrific destination for a weekend cruise.

We enjoyed dinner at the Bowling Club and an excellent cup of coffee at the newly re-opened shop on Sunday morning

The photos of the weekend are in the cruising album.

Cruising Awards for 2008

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The room was full for expectation for the official presentation of the 2008 Cruising Awards. The equivalent of the Oscars at the RPAYC.

Despite valiant attempts by other to draw attention to themselves by falling of their boats and dressing up with false beards. The award went to the right place....

Here is part 2 of the report of the recent trip to Jervis Bay 

by Chris and Suzanne Daly on "Reliance"

1 Front approaching Jervis Bay The Southerly change arrived as forecast on Sunday afternoon (8th) with a classic cold frontal cloud. It was time to leave our protected Northerly anchorage and head for Hole In The Wall (Darling Road). That was pretty much the last of the sunshine for the week.

By Chris Daly

Longnose Point JB We have just started another week away and took advantage of the strong NNE to sail to JB.  The wind strengthened to 25/30 in the late afternoon so we were prepared for the usual Point Perpendicular welcome - almost. We got hit by 36-41 knots with 2 reefs and 1/3rd headsail as soon as we entered the heads and it didn't let up till we got into the lee of Longnose Point. We were totally saturated and very thankful that nature created this magic little bolt-hole. I'm convinced that JB is a wind magnet. The wind is always 40% stronger down here. We will move to Darling Road for the S change later today and choose our day for a fast return North. Interestingly, when we left Pittwater on Friday, the water temp was around 23 but it dropped to ~19 somewhere past Wollongong.