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November at sea

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It’s been a pretty wild November. The last of the Winter Cruise Crowd are returning home, doing their best to avoid storms and torrential rain.

Margot Rathbone sent in this picture of a boat yard in Scarborough. As Margot recounts:

Scarborough QLD Nov 23 2008 002 ”Martin and I have just returned from watching the cricket in Brisbane. Whilst there we took a drive to Scarborough to re-visit this delightful spot via land rather than from the water. I am forwarding the photos I took at the marina – it was painful to see a yacht in this sorry position. A 45ft First had fallen off the cradle  during the severe storm on Thursday - her mast lay broken on the ground, the rudder was broken and the damage to her side was quite bad. They were unable to lift her up as they can’t get on top of her because what remains of the mast is still wider than the travel lift. A good-sized insurance claim, I dare say. And the owner thought the boat was safer on the hard than in the water!”

Meanwhile, as you can see on the Currently Cruising Page, just about all Alfreds boats that have been wintering up north,  have now returned. Breakaway returned to her berth last Thursday and Tezelia is sailing down the NSW coast, last reporting off Yamba. I’m sure we’ll enjoy their stories next Friday (December First Friday). Ask Terry about how he enjoyed Ballina when you see him!