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Where are they now?

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With the winter cruising season coming to an end, we're seeing the return of some of our friends,

Find out what is happening with Diomedea, Breakaway, Tezelia and Inez "below the fold".

Maritime Photography

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Maltese T-BoneCraig, who I've been planning next months cruise photography session with, just sent me this picture of the Maltese Falcon being T-boned by a 40 foot yacht during a charity race in San Francisco. Click on the picture for a link to a larger version and more.

By the way, I was a little under-prepared at last Friday's dinner to talk about our photo shoot. The idea is that we'll get a photographer (Craig) to take photographs of however many boats care to participate in November's mid month cruise. There is no obligation to purchase any of the resulting photographs. We'll display some of the results at First Friday in December. We'll try and price the photographs reasonably, although that price of course will have to reflect some of the cost involved. And just to make it clear, this is not an official club activity, but a private effort by the crew of Te Moana to get some nice sailing shots.

Long Weekend Diversion

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Community TV Lounge Sydney needed some rain and in true form delivered it on a long weekend. The squalls made a cruise to the Harbour impractical and so it was Akuna Bay, that trusty all weather destination which came to the rescue.

Te Moana, being trampoline challenged, decide to be alongside at the marina, rather than risk another anchoring spectacle. That provided an opportunity for League tragics to have there way. Leon provided the TV, the marina provided a reliable TV antenna system. Judicious gaffer tape and a collection of video cables did the rest.

Not everyone was obsessed with the game, but it proved an entertaining few hours with a difference. Thanks Leon!

More pictures after the "fold". [ Update: added some more Long Weekend photos, courtesy Janet Dell]