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Going North is not without its challenges and near misses. Here is Hamish Petrie on Ngak Ngak's experience of close encounters with Mother Earth in Coffs Harbour and Mooloolaba, while on their way to the Whitsundays. [updated 3 August]

Leaving Inner Harbour - Coffs Harbour

New RPAYC website

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It is good to see the new version of the Alfreds website up and running. Apart from a redesign of its "look and feel", it boasts a host of "social networking" and private content features for members.

PAblog For example, members can start a Weblog for their boat or discuss any topic in the forums section. At the moment, it's a bit quiet, probably because a lot of members don't even realise it's there. 

Having a a boat weblog which only RPAYC members can visit is restrictive (we expect friends and relatives to be able to see what's up with the boat). I have always had my reservations about private content when the aim is to facilitate networking between members of a site, unless a site has the critical mass of sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

On the other hand, the Members Only section provides a way for members to air opinions in the knowledge that only other RPAYC members have access (and yes, all membership classes have access). So let's see if we can make it work! I started a Forum topic with the aim of giving the club some feedback about the site.

In any case, it's a great improvement over the previous site. Thanks, Damian.

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The winter exodus continues. Terry and Lilia just left on Tezelia to join Breakaway and Teeza on their way North. Rumour has it that Inez is about to follow soon.

Meanwhile, Bounty Child is on its way home and has reached Bundaberg and Diomedea is still discovering new places in Fiji.

For those interested in keeping in touch when away from the crowds, check out this article about Internet and phone access on the way North. All that, so you can let friends and family know where you are by starting a page for your boat!