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Occasionally you wonder about cruising people... What goes on at these weekends away from civilisation?

Check out the full photographic record of what looks to have been another round of the already famous Cruising Rat Race on a glorious Anzac weekend.

And Terry... don't tell me you won again?

[photos by Jim Cormack]

diomedea We just received the following email from Andrea and David McKay, who safely crossed the Tasman and arrived in Opua.

"Diomedea left Sydney on Friday the 4th of April after 2x "don't go" from the weather gods Ken Batt and Roger Batham aka "clouds". A huge high which did not want to move caused headwinds ALL THE WAY. In my naivety I always thought highs mean good weather- well it was warm but as there appeared a Low squashing us from the North the headwinds increased and the seas became mountainous. Initially we were driven as far north as (almost) Norfolk Island and than less than 50 miles off the coast of New Zealand and we were making no progress in 35 to 40 knot Noreasterlies. We had to put up our orange sails in anger and eventually lay to a sea anchor for a night. Consultations with Dr Morgan ( rum) and Dr Glenfiddich calmed nerves enough to get through the night and the next day we were on our way again after the anchor chain had scarped off most of the paint I had applied to the foredeck only weeks before.
We eventually arrived in Opua on the morning of the 14/4 - quite a lengthy pass threatened by both rum and diesel shortages.
I (Andrea) got to land and was ready to book a flight back to Sydney. Gradually things are looking up again and we are now getting ready for the next leg of our journey to Tonga.
If you want to follow our journey in more detail go to www.sailblogs.com/member/diomedea.
Andrea and David McKay"

I have added a link to the Diomedea's SailBlog to the Waypoint links in the right hand column. At the time of this posting they are enjoying the Bay of Islands!


Anyone cruising North this winter should consider joining the Louisiades Yacht Rally. The attached information will whet your appetite. By the way, you may have heard that Alfreds 2 has been purchased by Kevin Dunn for restoration and use by the community in the Louisiades. Good work, Kevin!

Louisiades Poster.pdf

Louisiades Update #1.pdf

The Rat Race

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You know the routine... It's five o'clock, we're on the beach at Towler's having a quiet drink. But hang on, what's Ian up to?

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