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Green Book and Blue Book Equipment Audits
        RPAYC has a relatively small band of equipment auditors accredited by Yachting NSW.  These volunteers recognise that undertaking an audit is just as much an education process involving the auditor and the owner as it is an auditing process.
        "Education" in this context is defined in terms of a two-way process involving the exchange of useful advice on safety related topics and, from time to time, recommendations on how the operation, location and type of safety equipment might be improved. 
        A necessary pre-requisite to any audit is the owner's self-audit of the equipment on his or her boat.  This self-audit involves going through the checklist for the category of audit sought and ticking off the items as being compliant with the requirements of the Green or Blue Book as the case may be.  This usually takes an hour or two and longer if you are a first-timer.
        After you've sorted out companion-way securing arrangements, the man overboard recovery system, jackstays, PFD crotch straps, whistles and retro tape, tethers and harnesses, fuel and battery systems, secured the second anchor and its chain cable and secured other heavy equipment items, and generally stowed the boat for sea there area few other items that need attention.
        These items include checking that expiry dates for medical kit items have not been exceeded, that all flares are in-date, arranging for fire extinguishers to be serviced, visually checking all PFDs for wear and tear and testing the inflatables, ensuring that spare torch batteries and lamps are available, that the emergency nav lights work and the list goes on.....
        Auditors are usually tightly scheduled and the time for an audit is based on the category of audit and the expectation that all gear required has been previously checked by the owner, the audit form has been signed by the owner prior to the start of the audit, and that all portable equipment is laid out for inspection either on deck or in the saloon. 
       You shouldn't expect an auditor to undertake an audit if you haven't done your preliminary self-audit!  Similarly, if you can't attend a previously arranged audit appointment please let Reception or the Yachting Office know as early as possible - auditors are volunteers - they would rather be sailing than waiting around for a no-show.
        If you are a first-timer, as far as audit is concerned, it's suggested you arrange a pre-audit meeting through the Yachting Office so that an auditor can mentor you through the process of getting your boat prepared and ready for audit. This can save a lot of your time, reduce uncertainty regarding interpretation of the requirements, and hopefully reduce the costs associated with complying with the requirements.
        An organised owner, a well prepared boat and no corrective actions post-audit is an ideal outcome for all concerned. 

Blessing of the Fleet in Ulladulla

Safety required – Short coastal

All timing is subject to assessing the weather conditions and the forecast.

Draft Proposed Program - please contact Maurice Byrnes to express your interest.

15/3 Pittwater to Port Hacking - 32nm (5-6 hrs)
(Refuge Sydney Hbr, Botany Bay)
16/3 Layday
17/3 Port Hacking to Jervis Bay - 68nm (11 hrs)
(Refuge Wollongong, Kiama, Crookhaven)
With a high tide at 1747, it may be appropriate to enter Crookhaven River if sea conditions are suitable. This would reduce the passage length to 53nm, or 9 hrs.
18/3 Layday
Or depart from Crookhaven River for Jervis Bay. High tide 0541hrs
(2 hrs)
19/3 Layday
20/3 Layday
21/3 Jervis Bay to Ulladulla - 22nm (4 hrs)
Early start to arrive before sea conditions deteriorate.
22/3 Layday
23/3 Ulladulla - Blessing of the Fleet
24/3 Layday
25/3 Ulladulla to Crookhaven - 37nm (6 hrs)
(Refuge Jervis Bay)
High tide 1023 hrs, therefore depart Ulladulla at 0400hrs to cross the bar on the rising tide.
26/3 Layday
27/3 Crookhaven to Port Hacking - 53nm (9 hrs)
(Refuge Kiama, Wollongong)
High tide 1145hrs, so depart 0900 half way through rising tide,
and arrive Port Hacking 1800hrs.
28/3 Layday
29/2 Port Hacking to Pittwater - 32nm (5-6 hrs)
(Refuge Botany Bay, Sydney Hbr)
30/3 Cruise ends

Suggested Program.  Leader at departure - Maurice Byrnes

28 Dec Depart Barrenjoey Port Hand Pile @ 0600 hrs
Passage length 35nm – Allow 6 – 7 hrs
Arrive Swansea Bar – 1200 hrs
High tide 1218hrs 1.77mtrs (Tide overruns for approx 1 hr)
Aim for bridge opening at 1200 or 1300hrs
Lunch at LMYC or head straight to anchorage
Anchor at Styles Point
Dinner at Bowling Club or aboard.
29 Dec Layday - Anchor at Styles Point
30 Dec Anchor at Gwandalan or Shingle Splitters Point (dep on forecast)
?? cricket
31 Dec Anchor at Bardens Bay - NYE celebrations with Ken & Judi (TBC)
1 Jan Layday - Anchor at Bardens Bay
2 Jan Sail to northern end of lake – rally/race/something
Anchor Warners Bay or Toronto (dep on forecast)
3 Jan Anchor Belmont Bay or LMYC
4 Jan Anchor Wangi Wangi - dinner Wangi Wangi Club?
5 Jan Depart in time for 0800 bridge
High tide 0701 1.63mtrs
ETA Pittwater 1500hrs
Pick up mooring America Bay
6 Jan Cruise concludes

Program subject to weather

Safety - Short Coastal

Draft Program version 1
Pittwater to Jervis Bay and return    Leader Ross Scoble







1 Thurs 27/12 Palm Beach Jibbon Beach


Getting in the mood. Nice trip past Sydney inc Bondi and Cooks Landing good shelter from south. Nice beach adjacent to Nat Pk. Cronulla is accessible if nec. Port of refuge Sydney Harbour, Botany Bay.
2 Fri 28/12 Jibbon Beach Jervis Bay
Green Patch


First Light Start. Very pretty trip past Nat Pk and the coastal escarpment to Wollongong, the Five Islands nr Pt Kembla, heavy industry, beaches and Pt Kembla Harbour. Be careful of the Sir John Young Banks off Beecroft Head. Spectacular cliffs seen prior to Jervis Bay entry at Point Perpendicular. Ports of refuge, Wollongong (Belmore Basin), Port Kembla outer Harbour, Kiama (old style stone quay), Crookhaven River. Green Patch is in the south eastern corner of Jervis Bay and is the overnight anchorage
3 Sat 29/12 Jervis Bay Jervis Bay Montague


Tour of the Bay including HMAS Creswell, Huskisson, Montague Roads
4 Sun 30/12 Jervis Bay Jervis Bay


Summer Holiday Fun probably Long Beach near Montague Roads
5 Mon 31/12 Jervis Bay Jervis Bay


Summer Holiday Fun plus New Years Eve---Huskisson?
6 Tues 1 Jan Jervis Bay Crookhaven R


Early start to enjoy the glow of sunrise on the cliffs staying in close. Very secure anchoring in river.
7 Wed 2 Jan Crookhaven R Crookhaven R   Explore Greenwell Point village.Market, cake shop fish/chips. Enjoy local restaurant/s.
8 Thurs 3 Jan Crookhaven R Crookhaven R   At rest but possible trip to Nowra via Berrys canal (cruiser or dinghy--not yacht due to power lines). Crookhaven River has good holding in mud. If weather brings an extended delay in return passage it is suitable place to leave boats (bus to Nowra, train to Sydney).
9 Fri 4 Jan Crookhaven R Jibbon Beach


Early Start to arrive Jibbon early afternoon
10 Sat 5 Jan Jibbon Beach Sydney


Visit the original settlement to see how city folk live-perhaps Quarantine Cove or fish market
11 Sun 6 Jan Sydney Pittwater


NOTE. Sat 6 & Sun 7 could be combined if weather delays return voyage.
  • Programme is subject to weather.
  • Self sufficiency required for fuel, water, food, drink
  • Jervis Bay is exposed and the weather must be always be monitored in relation to Southerlies
  • Communications VHF 78 with 16 monitored.
  • There are a limited number of public moorings in Jervis Bay
  • Anchors can be difficult to set--check each time.
  • Jervis Bay is unspoiled with crystal clear water & Xmas is the time of summer holiday fun.
  • A good time is guaranteed
  • Boats should be capable of 6 knots plus or minus southerly set.
  • Boats should meet appropriate safety standards and carry relevant charts.

On Saturday 13th October Middle Harbour Yacht Club will be hosting the Annual Yachting NSW Combined Club Cruising Get Together at the MHYC Club House. You are invited to attend this event which will be commencing at 2pm and continuing through the evening until approximately 9pm.

Drinks and nibbles will be provided on arrival. The MHYC bistro will be open for light meals and all club facilities will be available. BBQ facilities will also be provided for BYO Barbecuing Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Space will be made for visiting vessels on Saturday afternoon and Sunday on the marina t-arms or temporary moorings. Tender Service will be available on Saturday & Sunday for boats on temporary moorings or anchored off Chinaman’s Beach. Call ‘MHYC Tender’ on VHF Channel 73 and ask to be picked up.

For those arriving by road the main entrance to the club is situated on the Spit at Mosman. Limited non-member parking is available at the club or public parking is available in Parrawi Road or in the Spit Road West car park opposite.

Please refer to the attached notice for maps and for contact numbers for further information or to book a t-arm berth or mooring contact: Phil Darling 0411882760 or darlingp@ozemail.com.au or Marilyn Miller 0411 156 009 or darling.maralyn@ozemail.com.au

These get togethers of all the Clubs are most important as they allow discussion on all subjects relating to cruising and a great opportunity to meet members from other Clubs. We look forward  to seeing you there.