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WindsongIt's that time of the year when the lucky ones among us set off to sail North to enjoy the Queensland winter. It's already a month since Sharon and Ian left on Misty Blue. You can follow their travels on their blog. Rumour has it that they were spotted at the Sanctuary Boat show this past weekend. Was that a new battery charger or another boat that they were looking for? Of course, Donna and Rob are due to leave this week and we're told that they'll keep a journal on their blog as well!

In other parts of the world, our friends are also on the move. Ted and Nancy have left the Galapagos and are on their way to the Marquesas. Meanwhile, Neil and Ley ended up chasing the Singapore police!

Pot Luck Dinner

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Img_5923 Well... our first Pot Luck dinner in Smiths Creek the other weekend was a great success! It was a great social success, we had great food and a it presented a great opportunity for some to get wet and lose the odd dinghy. A good time was had by all. More of the photos are here.

Where are theynow?

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WInter is coming and the flight North is on, well and truly! Misty Blue left in late April and is currently around Coffs Harbour. Check out Ian and Sharon's Misty Blue Blog

Windsong is about to depart as well and you will be able to follow their trail at "Where is Windsong". Meanwhile Ted and Nancy are near the Galapogas Islands in Blackwattle. Check out King neptune on board Blackwattle here!

We have put links to our cruising friends in the left margin of this page. If you know of other RPAYC members who run websites on their travels - leave a comment with a link to the site!