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Crystal Blues' Culture Shock

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CrystalbluesworldWe just received Ley & Neil's latest report on the journey of Crystal Blues. And you would never have thought...

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Crewing with Friends

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Legless cruising home from MooloolabaOne of the joys of belonging to the RPAYC cruising group is the ability to network with others who have similar needs. For example, occasionally many of us look for some assistance to help deliver a boat to a destination, while the opportunity to occasionally sail on someone elses boat is welcomed by many.

Ross Scoble and Peter Style have recently started an offshore crew list where members can register their interest in crewing. And if you're looking for someone to help you crew your boat on a leg of your cruise, let Peter or Ross know. This is of course not an official club service, but simply a way to make it easier for one member to find another with a common interest or need.

Going North in 2007


I just received this email from Maurice Byrnes. While there won't be an official cruise North next year, Maurice is thinking about next winter. His email is reproduced here with permission - feel free to leave a comment or contact him directly if you're interested in going North next year!

Hello Everyone,

I have been thinking about an extended cruise to the Barrier Reef.  As I can’t see me having the sort of time (in one big lump) that I would like to do this trip comfortably, I am now thinking along the lines of breaking the trip up into 4 or 5 bits, so that time is available to veg for a few days in Island Head Creek, or Port Clinton, or Tin Can Bay or wherever!

The idea being to sail for (say) 2 weeks and get the boat to Urangan or Bundaberg, then book it into the marina for 4 weeks or so and then fly home for that time.  Them fly back and continue for another couple of week and repeat the exercise at Gladstone or Rosslyn Bay or Mackay.  The centre piece of the trip would be to have 3 or 4 weeks in the Whitsundays during the September / October preferred season.  Then repeat the exercise, or maybe modify it, on the way back.  This would nicely break up winter 2007.

I have checked flight details and there are heaps of opportunities to the likes of Mackay, Gladstone, Bundaberg, Rockhampton etc.

The only cost that I have from a marina at this stage is Mackay & for a 12 mtr mono the cost is $700 for 4 weeks.  Therefore what we save by not paying marina fees here will offset those fees along the way.

Just some thoughts!  Is anyone interested or have suggestions?

Maurice Byrnes