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Quiet Little Drink

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They're doing some Secret Sailors' Business (aka a Quiet Little Drink) at The Orient Hotel (cnr George and Argyll Streets) around 1800hrs on 18 July, apparently to discuss having a barbeque somewhere.

Google Maps

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Google has quietly updated its maps for our home cruising grounds with higher resolution imaging. Here is the destination for this weekend's cruise:

Check it out at Google Maps or at Skipr

Queens Birthday Cruise

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Click to view full size Whale Watcher The group (two boats , Misty Blue - Ian and Sharon and Perchance) met up on Sat, with  some more (Archer - Ross and Cyndie Moncrieff, Windsong - Rob and Donna Starkey plus Justin Kelleher and friend) joining later.

WIth an eye on the weather, we changed the destination for the weekend to America Bay. Mind you, that was after Misty Blue insisted on going whale watching. Obviously, the whales weren't interested in watching, despite's Ian's heroic attempt to emulate a whale rider.

Click to view full size Buoy and Girl Sunday was a good day for  a sleep in, a long lunch, reading books, a social dinner and watching DVDs - the weather was poor in all respects.

On Monday the weather was much improved and one of our more adventurous souls entered the food chain - it was warmer in than out by about 10 degrees. Morning tea with the Archer team was followed by a social cheese plate and suitable beverages shared with Windsong's intrepid crew.

Click to view full size Quattro We spotted  Quattro (Warwick and Marjorie Lukins) on the way back on Monday
- they were having a great sail off Careel Bay.

Summary - It was an enjoyable weekend although cool and at times a little breezy.


Phasing out HF radio?


Hfradio In an article last week in BoatingOz, my attention was drawn to a paper by the National Marine Safety Committee,  proposing that:

"the monitoring of the HF (voice) distress and safety frequencies 4125, 6215 and 8291 kHz by the National Coast Radio Network, be phased out by the year 2010".

In a climate where there is some question about the viability of HF in emergencies (no one might be listening in the future), it is difficult to justify equipping new boats with HF radio to satisfy currently accepted safety standards. For Te Moana, currently considering a trip to Tasmania, renting or purchasing a satellite phone makes much more sense than installing a HF setup which might never see any use "in anger". Satellite phones have much broader application than HF radio and of course VHF radio can still be used in a local emergency setting.

Is this a case where we have a choice of desperately hanging on to something we used to have or should we accept that the world has changed and make the most of it. Any comments here? Also the form for formal comment is below.

Link to the NMSC Media release (pdf)
Link to the NMSC Discussion Paper (pdf)
Download the NMSC HF Public Comment form (Word)

Marius Coomans
Te Moana

License to Sail

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This month's Cruising Helmsman (June - Page 62) has a comprehensive article on licensing and safety regulations around Australia. A must-read for who dare to cross state borders.

AfloatlogosmAs a wry counterpart, read Alan Lucas' latest article, "Unlicensed Hypocrisy" in the June issue of AFLOAT (it is for free most boating related shops/venues, you can also read it online here).

Cookin' with Nick

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Alfred's chef Nick Hybner entertained the troops during his First Friday  cooking demonstration. It was mouthwatering, just like the buffet. Here are the First Friday recipes as well as his full presentation. And as a special bonus, the recipe for  baked ham in response to a question from the audience. Well done, Nick!

Download First Friday Recipes (pdf)

Download Cookin' with Nick (zip)

Download Baked Ham Recipe (pdf)