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Crystal Blues arrived in Singapore

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Cruisingindonesia_1 The latest Crystal Blues report comes complete with a photographic record of their cruise through Indonesian waters. They have now arrived in Singapore, just in time for the Monsoon season.Well done, Neil and Ley!

Stowaway's crossing of Bass Strait

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Here is the log of Stowaway's crossing [pdf] of Bass Strait - thanks, Len!  As we all know, cruising is not always a matter of calm seas and gentle breezes. Len's account of his voyage down south recounts a series of challenges and tips for those of us who wish to follow in Stowaway's tracks.

Cruise reports like this are very much welcome here and much appreciated!

Twilight Cruise

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Thursday night the club hosted the annual Stewart House sail. A great bunch of kids enjoyed themselves and were spoilt by a mix of racing, cruising and stink boats. Mind you, next year the Cruising division might consider making a special effort to put up a big showing.

Passers by

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Belage heading East

On our first cruise, Warwick Lukin took some pictures of Te Moana under sail and sent them to me. I was mighty impressed. The 090 cruise last weekend was a great opportunity to take some sailing photographs and return the favour to others. Click through for the beginnings of a collection....

New Year's test 2006

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  New Year's Day Test 
  Originally uploaded by CoastalCruising.

What about the New Year's Day test this year? Will Shane Pritchard be batting? Is Roger fit to open the batting? Find out by joining the RPAYC Christmas Cruise!

Photo Competition

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Last "FirstFriday" we saw a terrific gallery of photos taken during the Croatian Cruise as well as from our photo competition. The winning photographs are now posted on the "Flickr" photo site and you can also see a random selection on the right hand side of this page for the next month or so (unitil we get our Christmas pictures up).

Regulations feedback

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Via Ryan:
Yachting NSW has a webpage for inviting input  on  changes to the Yachting Australia Special Regulations for 2009. It sounds a while away, but now's the time to tell them what you think.

Raftup3348Read all about it here.

Registering your dingy

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Heard from Peter Style:

I wonder if everyone is aware of the need to register their dingy if the out board is greater than 5 HP ?

See NSW Maritime Authority web site

The following vessels are required to be registered with the NSW Maritime Authority when they are on navigable waters in NSW:

  • any mechanically propelled vessel which is capable of 10 knots or more;


The following vessels are exempt from registration:

  • any vessel which is less than 5.5m in length, which has an engine output of four (4) kilowatts (five horsepower) or less and which is not the subject of a mooring licence issued by the NSW Maritime Authority and is not kept on a marina berth or wet berth; and...

Crystal Blues report


Ley and Neil are still exploring Indonesian waters in Crystal Blues. Read their full report  here (pdf).

Sangean HF receiver

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Ats505_frontA few people have asked me about the Sangean receiver which Joy and I took on our Whitsundays cruise last year. I just wrote about it on the Te Moana site if anyone is interested.

About this weblog

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This is a place for anyone to be able to contribute information or news which might be of interest to fellow cruising members. You can point to an interesting web site or piece of news, you can talk about an experience, review eqiupment or just have your say. Anyone is free to comment (just click on the comment link) and if you want to contribute "posts", just email "marius at coomans dot net" to get access.