Newsletter February 2013

admin | February 4th, 2013 - 07:40
In this newsletter:
Hobart Skipr Meetup 
New Reporting page
Alternative ways to report your position
Off the beaten track
For those of you on the East Coast of Australia, I hope you and your boat survived some terrible weather over the past few weeks – it’s a good time to head South, speaking of which…

Skipr Breakfast in Hobart 10th February [Changed Venue!]

admin | February 2nd, 2013 - 19:42

T42 Cafe on Elizabeth Street PierWith so many cruising boats  in Hobart for the Festival and the Circumnavigation, there is a unique opportunity to catch up with other “Skiprs”. Catch up with boats you follow on or have a chat with Marius about what you’d like see next on

We’re having a casual breakfast get together – nothing formal, just an opportunity to catch up with people you might have only read about on Join us for Sunday breakfast on 10th February at Cafe  T42 on Elizabeth Street Pier from 0830hrs to around 1030 (this is a change in venue due to the confirmed numbers sofar !). If you’re planning to be there, drop us an email (, so we can give the Cafe some idea about numbers – it is bound to be a busy day around the Dock that day!

Joy and Marius

Making Track To Hobart

admin | January 14th, 2013 - 14:52

It’s that time of the year – the best time to cruise to Tasmania! It is promising to be a super year to be in Hobart in early February.

We will be there and look forward to meeting up with many of the “Skiprs”.

Newsletter December 2012

admin | December 16th, 2012 - 11:04

In this newsletter:

The 2013 version of – apply to become a tester
The Passage Companion – save $$$ on key cruising guides
In the Flesh – meeting up with Skipr’d crews
Join Skipr Plus – helping Skipr expand and evolve
Cruising in Company – Island Cruising Association seminars [...]

That time of the year

admin | December 5th, 2012 - 15:38

Yes, it’s that time of the year… No, I wasn’t going talk about Christmas (although best wishes of the Season to you, of course), but it seems many of our favourite cruising guides have published updates.

Lucas has “Late 2012″ updates for both the Coral Coast and NSW Coast guides.
Rob has published updates to his Passage Planner and Marilyn  (Coastal Cruising Companion has just sent out her 2nd newsletter with updates for those expecting to sail to Tasmania this summer (which should be many, as the circumnavigation is ‘on’ this year).

Oh.. and if you _are_ looking for a Christmas present, why not become a Skipr Plus membership  and save a bundle! [...]

CYCA Hobart 2013 Cruise

admin | November 9th, 2012 - 07:44

On tuesday this week, I participated in the meeting at the CYCA about their Tasmania cruise early next year. We’ve set up a cruise page on Skipr for them and look forward to ‘following along’. My presentation (on using Skipr and Internet at sea) is below.

There was a lot of interest in the inReach Satellite Communicator, check out this page on my other site And of course for any other questions, drop me an email –

In Frank’s weather talk, he mentioned Frank’s Weather site (no, it’s another Frank). A very useful site indeed.

The slides of my presentation are below. [...]

Coastal Cruising Companion Newsletter

admin | October 15th, 2012 - 14:32

Click to download PDF

Marilyn Graham started a newsletter to alert buyers of her Coastal Cruising Companion (CCC) to changes and additions.

The CCC is a terrific guide to anchorages and ports between the Queensland border and Hobart. She provides the updated pages by post or email, great service! By the way, when you purchase a copy of her Companion on our site, it is shipped by Marilyn herself and no doubt you’ll get on her mailing list for the newsletter.


Companion Newsletter Issue 2 (Dec ’12)
Companion Newsletter Issue 3 (Feb ’13)
Companion Newsletter Issue 4 (April ’13)
Companion Newsletter Issue 5 (July ’13)
Order a copy of the Companion.

Meeting the Island Cruisers

admin | October 13th, 2012 - 12:27

I enjoyed catching up with the Cruising Crowd at the Island Cruising Association (ICA) in Auckland for their meeting on Friday night.

To get more information on the inReach Satellite Communicator, check out this page my other site And of course for any other questions, drop me an email –

The slides of my presentation (Part 1 – Skipr Overview and Pt 2 – Internet at Sea) are below. [...]

Boat of the Month – September

admin | September 11th, 2012 - 11:24

This month’s “showcase” boat is Nellie Dick, a replica Dutch barge, cruising the inland waters of the Netherlands. The photo was taking a few years ago when she was “iced in”.

I’ll admit  to a bit of nostalgia around boats in Holland (yes, the skipper was born there).  Holland offers a rich variety of inland cruising and Nellie Dick looks to be eminently suitable!

The cruisers wiki has some rudimentary information on cruising in the Netherlands. The Barge Association website has good  information about barges.

Boats of the Month – August

admin | August 5th, 2012 - 20:54

This year, we’ve been showcasing a boat on our front page every month, showing the wide range of activities by users. This month, I felt it was time for the “bigger picture”, highlighting all users, rather than just focussing on one boat and its adventures.

It’s  terrific to see expand to hundreds of boats, reporting back to friends and family across an area covering Australia, South Asia and the Western Pacific. Not forgetting users elsewhere… With lots of stories, it is great to follow so many of you! And of course I would encourage anyone to occasionally use the map’s zoom controls and click on a random boat on our Currently Cruising page and share the experience of others.

Fair Winds to all,

Marius (