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Fishing fleet in Coffs Harbour Dame Margot has been sending regular dispatches on her way North. The first two letters can be downloaded here:

Dame Margot - The Adventure Begins.pdf and
Dame Margot - Marina Life.pdf

For Cat lovers, Richard Branson's multihull which she talks about can be seen here. The rest of Margot's photos  are below.


AlfiieOnWay We received word from Kevin that "The Ambulance" aka Alfie II is on its way to its new home, Nimowa Island. It left last night on the freighter Pacific Harmony for Port Moresby via Brisbane.

Tracking aficionados will want to track it on its way with - the picture on the left shows it off Port Macquarie this morning.. No doubt the full story of the delivery to Nimowa Island will unfold and there are bound to be a few stories to tell by the time Kevin, Ross and Keith return.

Well done Kevin (article) and everyone who helped that dream come true. May the PNG customs and Coral Sea Gods be with you.

31/8/09 Report via Frances/Sat Phone below

Where are they now?

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With the winter cruising season coming to an end, we're seeing the return of some of our friends,

Find out what is happening with Diomedea, Breakaway, Tezelia and Inez "below the fold".

Currently Cruising

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Link to the CurrentlyCruising pageHere is way to see where our cruising friends are "at a glance". Just go to the Currently Cruising page, where you'll see the location of all boats being tracked on Skipr on one screen.

Where in the world are...

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For the rest of us: The view from the beach at Refuge Bay last Saturday

It has become quite a job, keeping track of cruising friends spreading out along the cost of Eastern Australia.  "Below the fold" are the boats we're keeping an eye on:

4 IMGP1548

The winter exodus continues. Terry and Lilia just left on Tezelia to join Breakaway and Teeza on their way North. Rumour has it that Inez is about to follow soon.

Meanwhile, Bounty Child is on its way home and has reached Bundaberg and Diomedea is still discovering new places in Fiji.

For those interested in keeping in touch when away from the crowds, check out this article about Internet and phone access on the way North. All that, so you can let friends and family know where you are by starting a page for your boat!


Breakaway is heading North for the rest of the winter. First stop Mackay. Te Moana is going along in a virtual sense.

Will they get to MacKay before Bounty Child's parts arrive?

Diomedea is still having lots of fun in the Pacific

Alfie is still enveloped in a cloud of fibreglass dust, but is getting good press.

Evening Star is exploring Magnetic North... or was it Magnetic Island?

And you know who is you know where.

And if you know of someone else who is somewhere else, be sure to let us know by leaving a comment or by dropping me (Marius) a line.

Sad Sight

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Misty Blue - Catalina 42 Mk2

Around the marina, you find boats being used, boats not being used, neglected boats and well cared for boats. The worst ones are well cared for friends' boats which are for sale.

You'll be missed, Ian and Sharon.


Many of our friends are enjoying their sailing well away from Pittwater and sharing the fun by writing about it (hint: click the boat names).

  • Diomedea is exploring Fiji on their South Pacific cruise.
  • Bounty Child has started to make her way back South from North Queensland.
  • Chrystal Blues is still wondering around Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.
  • Evening Star, meanwhile is about to leave Airlie Beach to sail further North.
  • When last heard of, Friendship III was still berthed in Bundaberg

Leave a comment if you know of anyone else who is sharing their adventures by writing about it.

The Return of Blackwattle

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