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New RPAYC website

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It is good to see the new version of the Alfreds website up and running. Apart from a redesign of its "look and feel", it boasts a host of "social networking" and private content features for members.

PAblog For example, members can start a Weblog for their boat or discuss any topic in the forums section. At the moment, it's a bit quiet, probably because a lot of members don't even realise it's there. 

Having a a boat weblog which only RPAYC members can visit is restrictive (we expect friends and relatives to be able to see what's up with the boat). I have always had my reservations about private content when the aim is to facilitate networking between members of a site, unless a site has the critical mass of sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

On the other hand, the Members Only section provides a way for members to air opinions in the knowledge that only other RPAYC members have access (and yes, all membership classes have access). So let's see if we can make it work! I started a Forum topic with the aim of giving the club some feedback about the site.

In any case, it's a great improvement over the previous site. Thanks, Damian.

License to Sail

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This month's Cruising Helmsman (June - Page 62) has a comprehensive article on licensing and safety regulations around Australia. A must-read for who dare to cross state borders.

AfloatlogosmAs a wry counterpart, read Alan Lucas' latest article, "Unlicensed Hypocrisy" in the June issue of AFLOAT (it is for free most boating related shops/venues, you can also read it online here).

Cruising Website review

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As the club is looking to re-design its main site soon, it is to be expected that this (prototype) website will be folded into the club's new site. So:

  • What do you like about the cruising website and what don't you like?
  • What additional features would you like to see in the next version of the site?

Or if you prefer, score the current web site from 1-5:

  • Design (what do you think about the way it looks?)
  • Easy of use (Can you find what you're looking for?)
  • Functionality (Does it provide what you expect from it?)

Feel free to leave your feedback as a comment here on the site or email Marius Coomans ( By the way, feel free to speak your mind. Constructive criticism is very welcome...