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AlfiieOnWay We received word from Kevin that "The Ambulance" aka Alfie II is on its way to its new home, Nimowa Island. It left last night on the freighter Pacific Harmony for Port Moresby via Brisbane.

Tracking aficionados will want to track it on its way with - the picture on the left shows it off Port Macquarie this morning.. No doubt the full story of the delivery to Nimowa Island will unfold and there are bound to be a few stories to tell by the time Kevin, Ross and Keith return.

Well done Kevin (article) and everyone who helped that dream come true. May the PNG customs and Coral Sea Gods be with you.

31/8/09 Report via Frances/Sat Phone below

Another One for Kevin

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Follow the story as best we can tell by following this link for the unexpected outcome between Cat and Cruiser. Sorry Kevin, this one's not for you. [Thanks for Peter Style for  forwarding the original series of pictures]


Eleuthera (Bahamas) Map

It must be good, it's a cat!

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Suncat The caption to the photo reads:

Yesterday, in the Spanish town of Savilla, this Solar Cat, the Sun 21 was launched. This catamaran is the first to attempt an Atlantic crossing entirely powered by solar energy. (Photo AP via NRC.NL )

I had been wondering about the boat that our previous Vice Commodore Cruising has been building in Spain...