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Of Flares and Life Rafts

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Flares_8109 At First Friday in September, we enjoyed letting off some flares at RFD's expense. Their representative, Jason Browne gave use some sound advice regarding safety equipment and brought a bunch of flares for us to try.

Luckily we normally get little experience in actually using the flares which we have on our boats. It was an excellent opportunity to get some practice in letting off some flares.

After the meeting Jason sent us some further information regarding the Plastimo Cruising Life Raft range, which can now be downloaded from here.

Ultimate Holding Power

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Yachting Monthly has a comprehensive survey and test of a full range of anchors, you can read it online here. It should settle a few arguments. Some of these anchors would make excellent Christmas presents! Thanks to Chris Daly for finding the article online (he also recommends reading the wikipedia entry on anchors as a good reference)

Internet while cruising


Whereissetup3951 Several people have asked me about an update to the piece about Internet access on the Te Moana website last year  at sea. Everyone has heard about Telstra's decision to make its CDMA coverage obsolete in early 2008.  My "little green box", which served me so well on Belage's Hobart cruise, uses the CDMA network and will therefore be obsoleted. And even though it is still available, Telstra Mobile have changed the plans to make it unattractive. Sigh...
So here are some alternatives (with one really attractive one):

Internet alongside and while at sea

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Minimax modemAs requested by a some fellow cruisers, I have written a piece on how to access the Internet while at sea and ashore. The article is here on the Te Moana website.

Registering your dingy

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Heard from Peter Style:

I wonder if everyone is aware of the need to register their dingy if the out board is greater than 5 HP ?

See NSW Maritime Authority web site

The following vessels are required to be registered with the NSW Maritime Authority when they are on navigable waters in NSW:

  • any mechanically propelled vessel which is capable of 10 knots or more;


The following vessels are exempt from registration:

  • any vessel which is less than 5.5m in length, which has an engine output of four (4) kilowatts (five horsepower) or less and which is not the subject of a mooring licence issued by the NSW Maritime Authority and is not kept on a marina berth or wet berth; and...

Sangean HF receiver

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Ats505_frontA few people have asked me about the Sangean receiver which Joy and I took on our Whitsundays cruise last year. I just wrote about it on the Te Moana site if anyone is interested.